Mobile Apps for Business

" Reach people wherever they are on their phones. Apps are a proven mobile marketing winner."

Businesses are able to directly increase the sales revenue through targeted marketing on mobile apps:-

  • Send geofencing push messages with time sensitive offers to customers when they are near your business location so that customers buy more often.
  • Run mobile loyalty programs to increase average revenue per customer.
  • Engage customers with gamification such as photo contest and puzzle games which encourage social sharing to increase new customer acquisition.

Your mobile app delivers increased revenue by directly increasing frequency of purchase, size of purchase and new customer acquisitions. However developing a mobile app can be daunting. The high cost of development can easily reach 5 or the 6 figure mark, and it can be complicated to maintain.

Course duration

2 Days

Course fee

RM 2,750 (Inclusive 0% GST)

What you will get?

This practical, hands-on workshop includes the following:

  • TWO full-day workshops covering theory and hands-on of mobile app development.
  • Inclusive of ONE (1) time Mobile Apps Publishing Services to Google Play Store.
  • Inclusive of ONE (1) time QR Code Creation for Android App Download
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What will you learn?

Module 1
Introduction – What are Mobile Apps?

Module 2
Get your tools ready - Tools that help you expedite your design & development works.

Module 3
Business Specific Features - What important functions should a business app have? Food Ordering, Mobile Shopping Cart, Appointments/ Reservations, etc.

Module 4
How to use Mobile Apps CP? - To create a native business app without any programming skills.

Module 5
Design Your App - Brand your app with your own custom imagery, or use a pre-designed industry specific template.

Module 6
Build Your App - A great looking app is one thing, but it’s your app’s functionality that will turn it into a revenue generating mobile marketing tool. Use our drag-and-drop mobile app builder to choose from an extensive list of native features and 3rd party integrations, and preview changes to your app in real-time.

Module 7
Push notifications - Unlimited push notifications allows you to send exclusive messages directly to your customers’ phones - they’ll never miss out on an event, special, or sale again. Target customers based on their location or proximity to your business using our geo-fencing feature.

Module 8
Loyalty Programs - Gone are the days of your customers digging through their wallets, attempting to find that worn out stamp-card that they lost months ago. Reward your repeat customers by typing a customizable loyalty program code directly into their phone, adding “points” to their virtual loyalty card.

Module 9
Photo Contest - How to set photo contest and other gamification mechanisms to acquire new customers.

Module 10
Publish Your App - Publish your app for iOS, Android, and HTML5 all at once with our seamless 3-in-1 system. Our automated submission process makes sure your dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s - 96.5% of apps built on our platform are published successfully to the app stores.

Module 11
Developer Accounts - How to setup up iOS and Android developer accounts.

Module 12
Analytics to prove your app’s ROI - Track usage and engagement metrics like downloads by device type, app sessions, and average time in app. Capture important user demographic info, giving you more insight into your customer base than ever before. Monitor feature usage to inform future revisions to your app

Why Take This Course ?

  1. No coding skills required. You select your app’s features and customize the appearance. Our app maker works behind the scenes, taking care of all the coding for you.
  2. Revenue generating features. Our apps boast all the features businesses need to save time, engage with their customers, and make more money.

Who Should Attend?

This course is specially designed for all interested Business owners who are looking for a low cost way to create mobile apps for their business.

What do I need to bring?

Participants MUST bring their own notebook with WINDOWS 7/ Vista / XP and at least 50 MB of free space with Wireless access. (we do provide notebook renting services at RM50/Day)

A basic knowledge of working within the Windows environment and using the mouse is desirable.

Course arrangement

Each participant will be given a reference manual.

Refreshments will be provided throughout the day. Lunch not provided.

Please arrange your own accommodation if you are from outstation as this is a 2-day course.

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