Introducing three new features for responsive display ads

21 February 2019
Drive improved performance with video assets

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the stories you could tell with a 30-second video. In fact, over 60% of shoppers say online videos have given them ideas or inspiration for their purchase.1 That’s why we’re introducing video assets for responsive display ads.

We built responsive display ads to help you adapt to the increasingly diverse mix of content types and screen sizes. Now you can expand your reach to new inventory and improve performance with sight, sound and motion — all while scaling ad creation, testing and optimization.

To get started, create or edit a responsive display ad and select up to five (optional) videos from your YouTube page.

Unlock new creative insights with the combinations report

While machine learning helps you deliver the best ad to the right customer, it’s not always easy to tell what’s working and why. With the new combinations report, you’ll be able to learn how different creative asset combinations perform.

This new report shows you the top performing asset combinations that are being generated in your responsive display ads. You’ll see separate sections for combinations based on your images, text, dynamic feeds, and videos.

To access the combinations report in Google Ads, click “View Ad Details” in the Ads Table, then select the “Combinations” tab

Create better responsive display ads with the ad strength scorecard

Creating relevant and helpful display ads is top-of-mind for every advertiser. Using the ad strength scorecard, you can ensure your responsive display ads are set up for success, before they start to show.

Google Ads will check that you have the optimal number of unique headlines, images, and descriptions. To improve your ad strength, try taking the "Next steps" highlighted in the scorecard.

The ad strength scorecard, shown above the ad preview in Google Ads

Source: Google

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