Set up conversion measurement as you create a new campaign

01 October 2019 Set up conversion measurement as you create a new campaign
Conversion tracking helps you measure the valuable actions people take on your website after they click an ad, such as a purchase or brochure download. Setting it up is critical to the success of your campaigns, but it can be hard to prioritize—it takes extra time to navigate and complete the process. To make it easier to measure progress towards your defined goals, you can now set up conversion tracking as you create a new campaign.

Screenshot from Ads UI

If you don’t have conversion tracking in place when you create a campaign, you’ll see a new step to create a conversion action with default settings based on your goal. You’ll also receive an email with further instructions to complete the setup, such as to place a global site tag or event snippet on your website.

To learn more about measuring conversions, visit the Google Ads Help Center.

Source: Google

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