Facebook Ads For Business

Our 2-day advanced course dives deep into campaign optimisation strategies, reports analysis, and performance boosting. You'll also learn winning online tactics and how to leverage powerful Facebook tools with AI.

HRDF Claimable
Facebook Ads For Business

Facebook Ads For Business

Our 2-day advanced course dives deep into campaign optimisation strategies, reports analysis, and performance boosting. You'll also learn winning online tactics and how to leverage powerful Facebook tools with AI.

HRDF Claimable

Facebook Ads For Business

Unleash the power of AI-driven Facebook Ads! Our advanced course equips you with cutting-edge strategies and in-depth knowledge to optimise your campaigns for skyrocketing performance. Learn to decipher reports with ease, leverage AI for smarter targeting, and unlock powerful tools to craft winning online tactics. 

This program is designed for Facebook Marketing advertisers ready to take their game to the next level. New to the game? Check out our Facebook Marketing For Business course to build your foundation first!

Who should attend?
The training session is designed for users with basic knowledge of Facebook Marketing and looking to learn in-depth techniques to bring their Facebook Marketing to the next level.

This course is not suitable for beginners. Beginners should attend our Facebook Marketing For Business course instead.

Course duration

2 Days

Course fee

RM 2,160

What you will get?

  • Comprehensive insights and strategies to effectively manage your ads and attract more prospective customers
  • A simple and reliable method for maintaining and optimising your new Facebook Advertising account

All the Tools You Need
Our course provides a treasure trove of comprehensive manuals and resources, empowering you to practice and perfect your newfound skills long after the training ends.


What you will learn?

Module 1
Introduction to Facebook Advertising

  • Overview of Facebook Ads: Role in digital marketing, key stats, and user base.
  • Marketing Funnel: Understanding the funnel in the Facebook context.
  • Ad Formats & Objectives: Exploring different formats and goals.
  • AI Tools: Enhancing Facebook ads with AI.

Module 2
Understanding Data & Targeting

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Importance of data in ad strategies.
  • AI Analysis: Using AI to understand user behaviour.
  • Buyer Personas: Define your ideal customer.
  • Audience Creation: Set up saved and custom audiences.
  • Customer Journey: Aligning ad objectives with the marketing funnel.

Module 3
Facebook Ads Manager & Campaign Structure

  • Account Setup: Difference between Boost Post, Promote, and Facebook Ads.
  • Navigating Ads Manager: Understand the interface and campaign structure.
  • Getting It all Set: Set up an account and create a campaign.

Module 4
Implementing the Facebook Pixel 

  • Pixel Explained: Track conversions and optimise campaigns.
  • Setup Guide**: Install and configure the pixel.
  • AI & Pixel Data: How AI optimises campaigns using pixel data.

Module 5
Defining Your Audience & Objectives

  • Crafting Buyer Personas: Define demographics, interests, and behaviours.
  • Targeting Options: Demographic, interest-based, behavioural, and custom targeting.
  • AI Targeting: Automated audience targeting with AI.

Module 6
Creating Compelling Ad Creatives

  • Captivating Copy: Write engaging ad content.
  • AI in Content Creation: Utilise AI for creative content.
  • Ad Formats: Understand and use different ad formats effectively.

Module 7
Optimising for Success

  • Campaign Metrics: Identify key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Optimisation Strategies: Improve campaigns based on objectives.
  • AI Optimisation : Automate bidding and adjustments with AI.
  • Ad Reporting: Interpret key metrics and optimise for results.

Module 8
Advanced Strategies & Techniques

  • Advanced Targeting: Lookalike audiences and retargeting.
  • A/B Testing: Set up and run effective A/B tests.
  • Targeting Insights: Use tools to discover new audience segments.
  • Budget Optimisation: Allocate budget effectively.
  • Competitor Analysis: Learn from competitor ad strategies.

Module 9
Scaling Up & Managing Costs

  • Scaling Campaigns: Expand successful campaigns.
  • Advanced Optimisation: Use budget optimisation tools.
  • Cost Management: Control and optimise ad spend.
  • Performance Measurement: Create custom reports to track ROI.

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Training Dates

How to apply & claim HRDF for this course?

You can check with your HR to Apply and claim for the training grant online.

Please WhatsApp +6011-1144 5462 for any further questions regarding HRDF claim.

What do other participants say?

  • "Their professionalism and expertise truly set them apart."
    Lai Ming Li Vigor Auto Sdn Bhd

  • "Great session. Good trainer."
    Sasitharan A/L Sreedaran Jomlist Digital PLT

  • "Mr. Johnson is a experienced trainer and shared some relevant case studies during the 2 days training."
    Chin Ching Xuan Perpetual Ace Sdn Bhd

  • ''Precised content and trainer understands market needs.'' 
    Alice Loh Marketing Manager SDS Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

  • "Interesting FB ads strategy sharing. Glad to know more info on this."
    Mac Leasing & Marketing Manager Daiman Properties Sdn Bhd

  • "Good & knowledgeable for current market requirement."
    Huzaifah Bin Hatimbai Marketing & Sales MNJB Realty Sdn Bhd

  • "I would like to recommend the training to others member."
    Cheah Wai Shiang Lecturer Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)

  • “很荣兴能听老师的讲课。课程内容很好。实用。服务态度五星。超给赞。”
    张小娟 China

  • "Good material, well-understanding lecture, organizing & systematic way to guide the student. Definitely will share to those who need the skills."
    Vincent Hwang Director Hwang Physio Kit

  • "Thanks Mr. Johnson for a comprehensive Facebook marketing session and now I have a better and clear understanding in facebook advertisement."
    Chew Kian Hong Negotiator Tophils Realty

  • "The course content are good, especially is a entirely new concept compare with conventional way of doing marketing, it will benefit and improved my marketing strategy."
    Teo Seng Kuang Director Xin Guang Premier Corporation Sdn Bhd

  • "Course and slide is very useful and practical for us."
    Bernice Loh Marketing Manager Schwan-Stabilo Marketing Sdn Bhd

  • "Yes, training are very friendly, and all learned are definitely good for business use."
    Tan Wen Yao General Manager Grand Esteem Sdn Bhd

  • "Digital marketing seemed easy on the surface, but only after attending DDM i got to know the wisdom & mechanism behind what seemed easy."
    Tan Yuet Chi Director Grand Esteem Sdn Bhd

  • "A very good course. I enjoyed the course. Good content & experience speakers."
    Noor Hazarina Senior Lecturer UTM

Pre requisite

Participants MUST bring their own notebooks with WINDOWS 11/10/ 8 / 7 or Mac Book and at least 50 MB of free space with Wireless access. (We do provide notebook renting services at RM50/Day)

A basic knowledge of working within the Windows environment and using the mouse is desirable.

Course arrangement

Each participant will be given a reference manual.

Refreshment will be provided throughout the day. Lunch not provided

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