Google Ads
Advanced Training

Learn Google Ads in our 2-day course and you will have the ability to set up and launch campaigns and be confident to run these campaigns based on your business goals.

MDEC HRDF Claimable
Google Ads Advanced Training

Google Ads
Advanced Training

Learn Google Ads in our 2-day course and you will have the ability to set up and launch campaigns and be confident to run these campaigns based on your business goals.

HRDF Claimable

Google Ads Advanced Training


Digital Advertising is arguably the best way to reach your intended Marketing Audience. If you or your company is still stuck in the old ways you have already lost the battle.

Traditional advertising methods are losing ground to the digital/mobile landscape as consumer habits have changed drastically in the last few years. The new generation of 'always connected' users means you need to have a digital strategy in place. You need to catch up with the Digital World NOW!

Learn Google Ads with us and you will have the ability to set up and launch campaigns and be confident to run these campaigns based on your business goals.

Course duration

2 Days

Course fee

RM 2,700

What you will get?

This practical, hands-on workshop includes the following:
- Everything you need to know about Google Ads from basic principles all the way to creating efficient, well-structured campaigns.
- Show you keyword methodology, how to write great ad copy, improve quality score, ad extensions, optimization tips and much more – all with hands-on practicals so you know exactly what to do.
- By the end of the course you will have the ability to set up and launch campaigns and be confident to run these campaigns based on your business goals.


What will you learn?

Module 1
Introduction to Google Ads - Understanding what online advertising is and where Ads fits in

Module 2
Importance of Ads - How Quality Score works and why it’s so important in Google Ads

Module 3
Structure Your Account - How to structure your account, campaigns and ad groups to position yourself for success

Module 4
Keywords Research - How to research, identify and refine the keywords and match types

Module 5
Great Text Ads - Tips for writing great text ads

Module 6
Users Targeting - Targeting users by geography, language, device, and even day of week and time of day

Module 7
Bidding Types - Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Acquisition (CPA) and Cost per Impression (CPM) bid types

Module 8
Conversions Tracking - Tracking conversions and measuring ROI from your campaigns

Module 9
Display Advertising - Connect with your audience on millions of websites using the image, video, and rich media display ad formats

Module 10
Display Targeting - Use contextual, placement, topic and audience targeting techniques to find the right places to put your ads

Module 11
Audience Targeting - Identify and target prospective customers with laser-focused messaging

Module 12
Mobile Advertising - Leverage the opportunity created by mobile devices and effectively advertise to smartphone and tablet users

Module 13
Effective Text Ads - Use dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) to quickly and efficiently create text ads on the fly that speak the specific language of the searcher

Module 14
Extending Your Ads - Extending your text ads with the location, call, product, sitelink, social, and mobile app extensions

Module 15
Diagnostics - Diagnose problems

Joycelyn Teh

Certified Digital Marketing Google Ads Trainer - Joycelyn Teh


Joycelyn Teh is the Online Consultant of Optisage Technology Sdn Bhd (, a full-service internet marketing company based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, whose services include Website Development, Web Solutions, e-Commerce, SEO, SEM and online strategic consulting.

With more than 8 years of experiences in Online Business, she is a Microsoft Certified Individual and Google Online Professional of globally recognized certificate from Google and Microsoft.


  • Google Certified Individual
    Google Analytics | Google Ads
  • Google Certified Online Professional
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • PSMB Train-the-Trainer
  • Certified Digital Marketing Trainer
    (Digital Marketing Institute, Dublin, Ireland)
  • Extended Diploma In Digital Marketing
    (Centre Facilitator/Trainer, London Examinations Board, UK)
  • Mailchimp / Email Marketing Certified

Training Dates

How to apply & claim HRDF for this course?

You can check with your HR to Apply and claim for the training grant online.

Please WhatsApp +6011-1144 5462 for any further questions regarding HRDF claim.

What do other participants say?

  • "非常detail, 对FB有更了解。"
    Lee Chun Hao Sales Representative Water Revelation Sdn Bhd

  • ''Precised content and trainer understands market needs.'' 
    Alice Loh Marketing Manager SDS Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
  • ''Thank you for the very insightful and enlightening session!''.  Joanne Vaz Secretary Country View Berhad
  • ''Looking forward to more workshop like this.'' Lee Jasmine Event & Marketing Officer Daiman Development Berhad
  • ''Interesting FB ads strategy sharing. Glad to know more info on this.'' Mac Leasing & Marketing Manager Daiman Properties Sdn Bhd
  • 'Good & knowledgeable for current market requirement'. Huzaifah Bin Hatimbai Marketing & Sales MNJB Realty Sdn Bhd
  • "I would like to recommend the training to others member." Cheah Wai Shiang Lecturer Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)
  • "A great training session." Yim Wan Jun IT Management Tanah Sutera Development
  • "Good Class, Good Teacher" Alfred Teo Marcom Executive Kim Man Group

  • 很荣兴能听老师的讲课。课程内容很好。实用。服务态度五星。超给赞。
    张小娟 China

  • "Good material, well-understanding lecture, organizing & systematic way to guide the student. Definitely will share to those who need the skills."
    Vincent Hwang Director Hwang Physio Kit

  • “边听边做,印刻更深。能了解一些复杂的用语,pixels etc. 不止是FB的操作,也包括了市场营销策略。”
    Edward Yip Director NES Packaging

  • "Thanks Mr. Johnson for a comprehensive Facebook marketing session and now I have a better and clear understanding in facebook advertisement."
    Chew Kian Hong Negotiator Tophils Realty

  • "Johnson is professional & helpful trainer."
    Eric Lim Operations Director Seetoo Pest Control Sdn Bhd
  • "The course content are good, especially is a entirely new concept compare with conventional way of doing marketing, it will benefit and improved my marketing strategy." Teo Seng Kuang Director Xin Guang Premier Corporation Sdn Bhd
  • 'Course and slide is very useful and practical for us'. Bernice Loh Marketing Manager Schwan-Stabilo Marketing Sdn Bhd
  • 'Yes, training are very friendly, and all learned are definitely good for business use'. Tan Wen Yao General Manager Grand Esteem Sdn Bhd
  • "Digital marketing seemed easy on the surface, but only after attending DDM i got to know the wisdom & mechanism behind what seemed easy." Tan Yuet Chi Director Grand Esteem Sdn Bhd
  • "Great" Jennifer Hermo
  • "A very good course. I enjoyed the course. Good content & experience speakers." Noor Hazarina Senior Lecturer UTM

What do I need to bring?

Participants MUST bring their own notebooks with WINDOWS 10/ 8 / 7 or Mac Book and at least 50 MB of free space with Wireless access. (We do provide notebook renting services at RM50/Day)

A basic knowledge of working within the Windows environment and using the mouse is desirable.

Course arrangement

Each participant will be given a reference manual.

Refreshment will be provided throughout the day. Lunch not provided

Fully Claimable HRD Corp Approved Digital Marketing Training Courses In Malaysia

Does your company contribute to HRDF?

Employers who contribute to HRDF are eligible to access their levy payments by claiming training reimbursements through various training schemes that are implemented by PSMB. Our courses are fully HRDF claimable, so you should make full use of this facility.

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