Why Should You Study Digital Marketing?

25 March 2022 Why Should You Study Digital Marketing?

The Covid pandemic has really put digital marketing at the forefront in recent times. With many countries imposing stringent lockdown measures in the initial pandemic, many people found themselves stuck at home. Work and study from home became the norm and online shopping really took off in a big way. As people spent more time on their devices, companies were scrambling to reach out to their audience via digital marketing.

This has created a situation where companies are scrambling to put together their team of digital marketers. And many companies are finding there is a lack of suitable candidates that can meet their requirements. In fact, digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing niches in the world currently.

Here are some compelling reasons why:

There’s A High Demand for Digital Marketers
According to LinkedIn, “An analysis of LinkedIn’s internal data shows digital marketing and social media jobs are in high demand. Half of the top 10 jobs posted on LinkedIn are in the digital or media space.” Source 

Additionally, the demand for digital marketers far exceeds the supply according to a report by Michael Page, an online recruiter. Source 

What this simply means is that companies are desperate to hire good quality digital marketers. Learning such an in-demand skill will be advantageous for your future career prospects. You have the freedom of more choices and better job security when you graduate.

Great Growth Prospects
Digital marketing is not an overnight trend and its exponential growth has just started to gain traction. Thanks in part to the pandemic, users have grown accustomed to relying more and more on their mobile devices for their daily lives. From checking the weather forecast in the morning to the latest news to checking in on their social media platforms to shopping and even conducting meetings with clients on the go. The fact remains that the digital economy is growing 10x faster than the traditional economy.

For one, the internet is open 24/7 and connected globally. Digital marketing allows companies to launch and scale their campaigns very quickly with detailed targeting on their audience, locations and even devices. 
That’s the reason the demand for certified professionals will continue to grow.
Low Entry Barrier 
You don’t need years and years of studying and expensive tuition fees to be a fully qualified digital marketer. In fact, you can graduate with an extended diploma in digital marketing within 9-12 months and immediately get started on your digital marketing career. 

Due to the ever-evolving digital landscape, your can chart your own journey and objectives on what you feel passionate about. You don’t need to study for another degree just to get to another level. It all depends on your experience, expertise and creativity to get ahead.

Even if you are currently working and thinking of switching to digital marketing, it’s one of the best career moves you can consider.

Get Paid Better
Want to increase your salary? Start learning digital marketing. With greater demand from employers, the pay for digital marketing roles is also higher than other roles. The better your expertise, the higher your earning potential becomes. And with the ever-evolving changes, your role becomes even more important to any company to ensure smooth operations. Stop complaining your job doesn’t pay you enough and start to make the change to have a better future. You can make a career switch to digital marketing today.

Digital Marketing is changing at a pace that many companies are struggling to keep up. This has opened up demand for certified digital marketers like never before. Here is an opportunity for you to enter a thriving industry that embraces change and creative thinking and improve your employability. Take action now or talk to us and find out what are your next steps.

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