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#TECH: Digital talent development requires multi-stakeholder engagement

18/08/2021 (Wed)

PUTRAJAYA: Building an agile and competent digital talent pool in Malaysia has been one of the strategic thrusts under the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint.

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#TECH: Seventy-five percent of TikTok users discover new musical artists via the platform

28/07/2021 (Wed)

WITH TikTok’s surge in popularity, sound has become an essential for social networks. So much so that many artists have found success through the app’s trending videos. Recent research shows the impact of these “trends” in music and culture and how user behavior can have a measurable impact in these areas.

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WhatsApp tests breaking free from smartphones

19/07/2021 (Mon)

SAN FRANCISCO, July 17 ― Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp has announced the launch of a trial aimed at freeing its users from smartphones.

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Nasty WordPress plugin bugs could allow attackers to register as site admins

29/06/2021 (Tue)

Security researchers have discovered critical yet easily exploitable vulnerabilities in a popular WordPress plugin that can be abused to upload arbitrary files to affected websites.

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The features you’ve been waiting for are finally coming to Instagram

29/06/2021 (Tue)

SAN FRANCISCO, June 26 — Instagram isn’t exactly the most convenient platform to use on a PC. And clearly the social network would like to remedy this.

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Soon you will be able to subscribe to newsletters directly via Twitter

15/06/2021 (Tue)

SAN FRANCISCO, June 15 — Twitter wants to help you earn money… while also benefiting from the newsletter boom.

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Apple adds virtual IDs on iPhone, video plans that rival Zoom, Teams

08/06/2021 (Tue)

SAN FRANCISCO, June 8 ― Apple Inc, facing accusations from rivals that it has too much control over its App Store, yesterday outlined plans to increase user privacy and keep consumer data out of other companies’ hands, laying out features including expanded video conferencing and storing virtual government IDs on iPhones.

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Microsoft announces retirement of Internet Explorer

21/05/2021 (Fri)

SAN FRANCISCO, May 21 ― Microsoft said it is retiring Internet Explorer, the browser it created more than 25 years and which is now largely abandoned as people instead use competitors like Google’s Chrome or Apple’s Safari.

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Clubhouse is finally coming to Android

10/05/2021 (Mon)

KUALA LUMPUR, May 10 — One of the biggest downsides to Clubhouse is the lack of access for Android users — or “exclusive” access for iOS users, depending on how you look at it. Regardless, with folks like Twitter coming out with their own audio-only discussion rooms such as Spaces, the company has finally decided to roll out access for Android devices.

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#TECH: Selangkah presents feature updates as the app turns one

06/05/2021 (Thu)

KUALA LUMPUR: Selangkah, a contact tracing system that started off by employing a simple QR-code technology celebrates its first anniversary with more app updates as the app continues its efforts to provide convenience when it comes to Covid-19-related tracking and features for its users.

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#TECH: Giving students an edge

04/05/2021 (Tue)

An online learning platform aims to optimise learning for undergraduates as they prepare for the post-pandemic job market

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You will soon be able to teach Google Assistant to recognise complicated names

30/04/2021 (Fri)

SAN FRANCISCO, April 30 ― In order for users to be better understood by its intelligent assistant, Google will soon deploy a new feature allowing it to “learn” to recognise certain people or certain unique or complicated names. The goal is for it to perfectly understand and pronounce these names in the future. Complex terms or names of contacts are also concerned.

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#TECH: This Zoom update will make your meetings more immersive

29/04/2021 (Thu)

VIDEO conferencing software Zoom is introducing a new feature called “immersive view,” to make your meetings more realistic. It allows you to change the virtual background and to gather the participants in a single scene.

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TikTok in serious trouble over data collection, again

22/04/2021 (Thu)

The popular social media platform TikTok has come under scrutiny in the UK once again as former children’s commissioner Anne Longfield has filed a legal claim against the company over how it collects and uses data from children.

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#TECH: MOE partners with MDEC to expand reach of Digital Maker Hubs

09/04/2021 (Fri)

CYBERJAYA: Following the successful efforts to establish Digital Maker Hubs in 24 schools in 2020, the Ministry of Education (MoE) and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) have recently embarked on an initiative to scale this model to more schools around the country via public-private-partnerships.

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