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M’sian Fresh Graduates Can’t Secure High-Paying Jobs as They Lack Digital Skills

18/04/2019 (Thu) General

Recently, Bank Negara Malaysia published its Annual Report 2018 which stated that the salary for fresh graduates with a degree or diploma has decreased compared to what graduates used to earn in 2010.

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New survey reveals just how much social media impacts travel choices

15/04/2019 (Mon) Digital Marketing

The results of a new survey show that of a handful of countries, holidaymakers from Italy are most likely to choose their vacation destination based on how good the photos will make them appear on Instagram.

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Linkedin Introduces Reactions: More Ways To Express Yourself

11/04/2019 (Thu) Digital Marketing

LinkedIn is introducing Reactions, 5 new ways to express how you feel and interact with the content you see in your feed.

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Year 2019: This Is What Happens In An Internet Minute

10/04/2019 (Wed) Digital Marketing

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5 steps to improve media performance using Google Analytics

08/04/2019 (Mon) Digital Marketing

Today’s customers expect the right message at the right time—even as their journeys become more fast-paced and less linear. How are marketers responding?

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The cloud demystified: How it works and why it matters

08/04/2019 (Mon) General

Whether you’re backing up photos or streaming our favorite TV shows, you may know it’s all made possible by the cloud. But for a lot of us, that’s where the understanding ends.

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Twitter introduces labels to identify who’s tweeting

08/04/2019 (Mon) Digital Marketing

Twitter is making it easier to figure out who's who in a conversation by labelling tweeters in relation to a conversation thread.

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Facebook reveals how it ranks items in the news feed

02/04/2019 (Tue) Facebook Marketing

LONDON: Facebook is lifting the lid on the algorithm that decides which posts appear in its news feed, as part of a drive to be more transparent and offer greater control to users.

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Google shuts failed social network Google+

02/04/2019 (Tue) Digital Marketing

Google+, the search giant's failed social network, will finally be laid to rest on Tuesday morning.

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Hitting send on the next 15 years of Gmail

01/04/2019 (Mon) General

Back in 2004, email looked a lot different than it does today. Inboxes were overtaken by spam, and there was no easy way to search your inbox or file messages away.

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Apple introduces its own credit card, the Apple Card

26/03/2019 (Tue) General

Today, Apple announced… a credit card. The Apple Card is designed for the iPhone and will work with the Wallet app. You sign up from your iPhone and you can use it with Apple Pay in just a few minutes.

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UPS just beat out Amazon, FedEx, and Uber to make America’s first revenue-generating drone delivery

26/03/2019 (Tue) ECommerce

Moving medical samples around WakeMed’s sprawling medical campus in Raleigh, North Carolina, can sometimes take up to 30 minutes in traffic. That can be challenging when the material being moved is a life-saving specimen like blood or an organ sample.

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Google Spent Years on a Secret New Plan to Attack a $140 Billion Industry. It All Starts Tomorrow

18/03/2019 (Mon) General

The scariest words for an entrepreneur to hear are probably something like, "Big news: Google is getting into your business."

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How China’s KOLs convert fans to sales, creating a nearly $9b industry

16/03/2019 (Sat) Digital Marketing

The Kardashians may have been able to create an entertainment phenomenon in the US by revealing their luxurious lifestyle through a long-running reality TV series, but Chinese key opinion leaders (KOLs) have been able to convert fans and generate sales on a level their Western peers can only dream of.

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Enabling a safe digital advertising ecosystem

14/03/2019 (Thu) Google Ads

Google has a crucial stake in a healthy and sustainable digital advertising ecosystem—something we've worked to enable for nearly 20 years. Every day, we invest significant team hours and technological resources in protecting the users, advertisers and publishers that make the internet so useful. And every year, we share key actions and data about our efforts to keep the ecosystem safe by enforcing our policies across platforms.

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