Debunking the MISCONCEPTION- “Online Marketing is only for Larger Businesses”

08 March 2023 Debunking the MISCONCEPTION- “Online Marketing is only for Larger Businesses”

Hello there! Are you a small business owner who believes that online marketing is only for larger businesses? Well, you're not alone and it’s time to put an end to this long-standing misconception.

Believe us when we say, even if you have only 1 employee, you still need digital marketing for your business in order to be visible and successful. 

First of all, let’s highlight the benefits of Digital Marketing for businesses.

  • Reach target audience effectively through digital channels

  • Build stronger relationships with customers and increase brand loyalty

  • Increases online visibility

  • Generate more leads and sales

Now let’s look why Digital Marketing is important for smaller business. 


1. Your customers are ONLINE

  •  In today’s digital era, customers spend most of their time online and research about a specific brand in the internet. Your customers expects you to have a website to know more about you and have a social media presence so they can read online reviews.

2. Your competitors are ONLINE

  • Your competitors are already online to promote to their products and services. You need to monitor your competitors marketing activities and learn from them. 
  • For example, you need to take a look at:
  • What kind of content do they use, is there a blog, they promote visual content such as videos or images
  • Audience engagement, what platforms they use, do they focus on keywords
  • You make use free tools available for competitor research.
  • Semrush, MOZ, BuzzSumo, Ahrefs

3. Customers can FIND you

  • When you have established your online presence, your customers can find you when they need your products and services in their searches in Google,Yahoo,BING etc & social media platforms. Hence, this is why it is important for you to have Google Business Profile, Website & social media presence.
  • If you don't have these online presence, your customers won’t be able to find you and your competitors will gain more customers while you’re losing the opportunities.

4. Cost effective than traditional marketing

  • If you’re small scale company or startup company, you start off with social media marketing, which is free. You may run Facebook Ads campaign using your desired budget to target specific audience of your interest. You can start advertising as low as RM 5/daily for Facebook Ads. 
  • Next, you can slowly level up your marketing efforts to website development, search engine optimization, email marketing and so on.
  • But in keep in mind, before jumping into any random platform, you need to do social channel research, to find out which works for you & your brand and where you can find your audience mostly.

By utilizing the right digital marketing strategies, small businesses can reach a wider audience, build their brand, and drive sales, all while staying within their budget.

If you need guide in planning overall Digital Marketing strategy and advertising, you may join our ICDL Digital Marketing Professional program to learn various online marketing techniques & analytics. 

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