21 July 2020 #FutureProofCareer
Can you future proof your career?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has made it very clear to all that job security is a myth. From large multinational companies to small businesses, everyone was affected when the world went into 'shutdown' mode to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Almost everyone was caught off-guard and no one could have expected the economic implications.

In a span of a few months, a few multinational companies have declared bankruptcy such as Hertz - the world's largest car rental company, GNC - vitamin and supplement chain, Virgin Australia - budget airline, Thai Airways - Thailand's national carrier just to name a few. Some big brands such as Zara and Espirit are also closing down many of their retail outlets to focus on their online stores. And locally, many workers have either been retrenched or forced to take substantial pay cuts in order for the company to survive.

But it's not all doom and gloom as the global pandemic has been a time of growth for eCommerce sites, last-mile fulfilment delivery, teleconferencing software and social media platforms.

Lately, 'the new normal' has been bandied about where we are expected to adhere to social distancing and other Standard Operating Procedures if we need to leave the house. Working from home is also gradually being accepted as a norm as some companies realise that productivity actually went up in some cases.

With all that's been happening, one thing is apparent - job security is a myth as some found out the hard way. It's evidently clear that the ability to quickly adapt to changes with an online presence can provide an avenue for almost anyone to thrive. Just look at Malaysian YouTube sensation Sugu Pavithra. It will be very difficult for her to go back to a regular job with a fixed income when her earnings are now virtually unlimited. Besides, a regular job cannot guarantee job security anymore as COVID-19 has proven.

The question you should be asking yourself is this - can you future proof your career? Can the company you are working for survive another Movement Control Order? Can you survive another MCO?

If you want to future proof your career, then you need to ensure that you are evolving your digital skills in more ways than one. In the current global pandemic, the industries that thrived were mostly tech related - like delivery services, video conferencing softwares, online gaming, online shopping and online learning.

And the underlying factor is most, if not all of them relied heavily on digital marketing to capture their audience and market share. It is all due to how people consume content these days on their mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets make up over 80% of all internet activities and with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G, the reliance on mobile devices will only increase.

It isn't hard to predict that the next big thing is in digital marketing as companies big and small scramble to stake their digital presence. In fact, the demand for digital marketers is now at an all time high with not enough talents to fulfil all the available positions.

If you want to future proof your career, it is high time for you to consider a step in the right direction of entering the world of digital marketing. This constantly growing and changing industry is poised to transform the way we do business and the best time to get into the game is now.

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