Goodbye Google Adwords, say Hello to Google Ads!

18 July 2018 Goodbye Google Adwords, say Hello to Google Ads!

Change is the only constant and this rule is embraced by digital companies – resist change and risk being left behind. One of the biggest change is coming to Google AdWords, which has been around since 2000 (a long time in the digital world).

As the market has evolved with mobile devices and changes to consumer viewing habits, Google is evolving to keep pace.

Google’s Senior Vice President of Ads & Commerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy, broke the news on June 27, 2018, that Google’s saying goodbye to “Google AdWords” and hello to “Google Ads”.

The new Google Ads brand represents the full range of advertising capabilities offered today—on and across other properties, partner sites and apps—to help marketers connect with the billions of people finding answers on Search, watching videos on YouTube, exploring new places on Google Maps, discovering apps on Google Play, browsing content across the web, and more.

With the introduction of Google Ads, small business can now use Smart campaigns, the new default ads experience. Smart campaigns was built by tailoring the innovation and advertising technology available with Google Ads for small business owners. You can now create ads in minutes and drive real results—like making your phone ring, sending leads to your website, or bringing customers to your store. The new Google Ads platform encompasses advertising on all of Google’s advertising networks.

Why This Matters to Your Business:

Before it was pretty exhausting to keep track of your online advertising if your spend was spread across multiple properties and platforms offered by Google. But even more valuable, you now have unlimited access to more niche platforms in addition to standard Google Search. Some you may not even considered viable in the past — such as YouTube, Google Maps, Play Store, Waze, and more.

The other change is Google Marketing Platform which brings together DoubleClick Digital Marketing and the Google Analytics 360 Suite to help you plan, buy, measure and optimize digital media and customer experiences in one place. Google Marketing Platform helps you deliver more relevant and effective marketing, while ensuring that you respect your customers’ privacy and give them control over their data.

Built upon existing integrations between the Google Analytics 360 Suite and DoubleClick solutions, the new Google Marketing Platform brings the great results marketers have seen from using ads and analytics technology together to 360 Partners.

Why This Matters to Your Business:

Whether you have Google Analytics 360 or not, the new Google Marketing Platform announcement means you’ll soon benefit from a greater visibility into your marketing products and how they’re being leveraged holistically across platforms and properties.

2018 is shaping up to an exciting year for digital marketers as you will have even more control, flexibility and features that you can plan and implement.