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AI and Employee Training: How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing the Way We Train Employees

20/03/2023 (Mon) General

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing business environment, employee training and development are more important than ever. However, traditional training methods can be time-consuming and often fail to keep up with the pace of technological advancements. Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has the potential to revolutionize employee training and development programs.

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Is Facebook Marketing and Digital Marketing different?

17/03/2023 (Fri) Facebook Marketing

Confused between the terms Facebook Marketing & Digital Marketing? Check this article to differentiate those terms.

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What is AI and its impact on the workforce?

17/03/2023 (Fri) General

The impact of AI on the workforce has been a topic of discussion in recent times. While AI has the potential to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve efficiency, it also has the potential to replace human workers in certain tasks and industries. Some experts predict that AI will transform the workforce as we know it, creating new job categories and rendering others obsolete.

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Debunking the MISCONCEPTION- “Online Marketing is only for Larger Businesses”

08/03/2023 (Wed) Digital Marketing

Don't let the misconception that online marketing is only for larger businesses hold you back. Learn how to establish your online presence and reach a wider audience while staying within your budget, and discover the tools and techniques you need to succeed in the digital era.

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Can Facebook Ads Read Your Mind?

01/03/2023 (Wed) Facebook Marketing

Explore how Facebook uses complex algorithms and data analysis to show you ads that are relevant to your interests, behavior, and demographics, debunking the myth that Facebook can read your mind.

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How a Digital Marketing Professional Certificate Can Help You Stand Out in the Job Market.

24/02/2023 (Fri) Digital Marketing

In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is essential for any business, and employers are looking for candidates who have the skills to help them achieve this. Read on to discover how a digital marketing professional certificate can help you take your career to the next level.

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What is Facebook Protect & must I turn it on?

10/01/2023 (Tue) General

Imagine browsing Facebook when you suddenly get a notification "Turn on Facebook Protect before [date]. After that, you may be locked out of your Facebook account..."

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Why should you have more than one admin for your Facebook Page?

22/12/2022 (Thu) Facebook Marketing

As a business owner or manager, it is important to have multiple people who can access and manage your Facebook page. Having multiple administrators, or admins, for your page allows you to share the responsibilities of managing your page and ensures that your page remains active and up-to-date even if one of the admins is unavailable.

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Facebook New Pages are here to stay, ready or not!

15/12/2022 (Thu) Facebook Marketing

Many users are getting emails telling them that "Switching back to classic Pages will no longer be available for your Page(s)." It's all a part of Facebook's New Pages roll-out and there's no need to panic!

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Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads

21/09/2022 (Wed) Digital Marketing

It’s no secret that Google and Facebook are the two most dominant players in the advertising world. Whether you have a large or small marketing budget, both Google Ads and Facebook Ads can be useful tools for you.

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How Digital Marketing Skills Can Boost Your Career

20/07/2022 (Wed) Digital Skills

Considering a career in digital marketing can open doors to new opportunities and help you stand out from the crowd. However, if you’ve been thinking about making the switch for some time now and feel like it’s the right move for your future...keep reading!

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Degree vs Executive Degree - What's the Difference?

23/06/2022 (Thu) General

Earning a degree can be an important building block for your career. Which degree you decide to pursue should depend on a variety of factors, including your area of interest, the amount of time you have to dedicate to study, and the type of career you wish to pursue.

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Certificate VS Certification - Do you know the difference?

26/05/2022 (Thu) General

Is a digital marketing certification the same as a certificate? What are the key differences? Will employers require certification or certificate?

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Why should I get certified in Digital Marketing?

12/05/2022 (Thu) Digital Skills

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned digital marketing professional, a digital marketing certification makes your resume stand out because employers need to know that you are properly qualified.

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ICDL | Essential Digital Skills Certification

05/05/2022 (Thu) Digital Skills

We are proud to be one of the newest Accredited Test Centre (ATC) in Johor, Malaysia for ICDL Asia. Here's your opportunity to get a Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing certification from us

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