Grow Your Brand Awareness and Sales With Influencer Marketing

13 December 2021 Grow Your Brand Awareness and Sales With Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing trend in recent times, especially with the popularity of eCommerce. Influencers can generate buzz on social media feeds and get better response from audiences.

Facebook has seen the growing trend and has conducted a study with 12 campaigns across the APAC region to gain more insights into the results of what these influence marketing could achieve for brands.

It looks at how effective influencer marketing really is and what are the trends to take note of. You can download the 14-page report here that is complete with statistics and marketing notes.

Here are some highlights from the report. Facebook highlights the massive growth of influencer marketing, which is set to reach $13.8 billion in spend in 2021.


What’s more, the way influencers are being used is evolving:

“The influencer marketing industry shows no signs of stopping. In fact, micro-influencers - content creators with a following of less than 25,000 - are driving better results than macro-influencers. Their appeal is rooted in their abilities to create relatable content that showcases their knowledge and conveys the passions they share with their highly engaged audience.”

So while teaming with a major celebrity will definitely have reach and awareness benefits, smaller creators can also drive strong results due to their more intimate community connection, which adds more weight to their endorsement.

In its broader study, across 12 campaigns, Facebook found that influencer marketing certainly improved response, with big increases in purchase intent and conversions.

In addition to a range of recommendations like this, Facebook also outlines specific case studies and notes which could help drive better results with your influencer promotions.

It’s an interesting guide, with some valuable pointers – and with influencer marketing on the rise, it is worth getting a better understanding of the key fundamentals and practices, with a view to boosting your campaigns.

You can download Facebook’s full influencer marketing research report here.

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