Increase Your Company's Productivity With HRD CORP Claimable Courses

07 December 2021 Increase Your Company's Productivity With HRD CORP Claimable Courses
Did you know that investing in training for your employees can actually increase their productivity as well as increase your revenue in the long term? And if you have been contributing to HRD CORP (previously known as HRDF), you don't even have to fork out a single sen?

HRD Corp Registered Training Provider

Online Marketing Academy acts as a Training Vendor to HRD Corp Registered Employers. In general, HRD Corp registered employers are allowed to make claims by attending training conducted by HRD Corp Registered Training Providers. The courses we offer that are eligible for application are: 

Facebook Marketing For Business
Facebook Ads 101
Google Ads Advanced
Google Ads Fundamentals & Search
Google Analytics Fundamentals
Instant ECommerce Training
Email Marketing

Training can either be conducted face-to-face or even remotely online due to the pandemic.

The global pandemic has truly transformed how companies conduct business. Going digital is no longer an option but it's something essential for any business entity. As such, many companies globally will be looking for talents with digital skills and it is inevitable that those lacking such skills will face a huge challenge in the future.

It is in your best interest to prepare your people and team now, so that they are able to handle the challenges of digital marketing.

Take action now and contact us to find out how we can help you with your digital marketing training arrangements. 

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